Visually plan your next quarter of brand photos for your coaching business without hiring a photographer.












Being a coach AND the face of your brand is not all fun and games.


You’re getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be doing more to have great photos of yourself for social media instead of posting extended-arm selfies.

I get it, landing high-ticket clients can be a lengthy process. Translation, you need to show up consistently without worrying about coming across
 inauthentic posting pictures of yourself.

What you really want is to...

Define your brand's photo aesthetic

Determine what photos of yourself will help you book more clients and earn more money.

Get clear about what you are doing online so you can better serve your ideal clients

Create an easy to follow plan to have a never ending folder of photos you love to choose from any time you need fresh content.

Automate and systematize what you can!


You can have all of these things. The best part: I’ve got something to help.

Self Portrait Planning Retreat for Coaches


Map out your next quarter of brand-aligned photos of yourself while feeling confident about being the face of your brand, so you can finally show up consistently, increase your visibility, & attract your ideal clients while cultivating a healthy relationship with your phone.


Tired of staring at your content planner with no photos to publish

Frustrated with your beautiful Canva graphics not getting as much engagement as photos of yourself.

Seeing your Instagram feed getting sadder and sadder...

Whatever it is for you...


It’s Time To Learn How Brand-Aligned Self-portraits Can Attract Your Ideal Clients & Plan Your Next Quarter Of Brand Photos For Your Coaching Business Without Hiring A Photographer.



... and I want you to show up authentically on social media in a way that attracts your ideal client.

Even if you have an amazing caption you still need a photo that grabs their attention.

As a coach, in order to create brand recognition, YOU NEED to share photos of yourself.

Here’s why you are not standing out 👇

  • Marketing is  a skill set
  • Branding is a skill set
  • Selling is a skill set

Your photos are 30% of that equation.

Every day, I see driven coaches complain about the algorithm but they never stop to consider whether it’s their images that are decreasing engagement

That’s why I am bringing 20+ experts to teach you how brand-aligned self-portraits can attract your ideal clients & plan your next quarter of brand photos for your coaching business without hiring a photographer.

The Details


September 21-24

  • Day 1: Define Your Personal Branding Visuals and Learn How To Translate Your Brand Into Photos
  • Day 2: Create an Image Marketing Strategy That Reflects Your Brand’s Uniqueness
  • Day 3: Simplify Your Photo Creation Process With Systems, Automations While Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Your Phone, and Your Biz
  • Day 4: Implementation Day, Put It All Into Action!



There will be 8 presentations per day. Presentations will be 15-20 minutes in length. The presentations will be available for 24-hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other coaches.


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the Retreat where we’ll be partying it up before the Retreat starts and working together to learn how brand-aligned self-portraits can attract your ideal clients & plan your next quarter of brand photos for your coaching business without hiring a photographer once it kicks off.


You can tune into the retreat from anywhere with Internet access.


I am dedicated to helping you take great photos of yourself and making the process as easy as possible. To help, you’ll hear about my Self Portrait Confidence Course where you’ll learn Photography skills and Spiritual Psychology tools to help you take authentic self portraits while feeling confident from the inside out. 

On the final day, one lucky (and engaged) attendee will be selected to win a full scholarship (+$597 value) and have instant access to 7 Modules of video lessons, Downloadable posing guides, Guided meditations & Downloadable guided processes to help you feel confident in front of the camera using spiritual psychology tools.


Stay tuned for details and your chance to apply!

Implementation day

Watching actionable presentations is great, but to see real change happen you’ll have to take action. And doing so alongside others with similar goals is powerful. That’s why we’ll have live, interactive events on Friday! These sessions include:

  • VIP-Only Self Portrait Planning Workshop - Create your full self-portrait quarterly plan in this live workshop-style implementation session. We'll go through my signature visual content planning framework, step by step.
  • VIP Only Networking - Break into small groups to connect with other coaches and find new friends and collaborators. 
  • Keynote Masterclass - Learn about my 5 STEPS TO CREATING HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS OF YOURSELF (Without Feeling Awkward, Fancy Tech, Big Budgets, or a Team). You’ll also hear more about my signature Self Portrait Confidence Course which we'll be opening the doors after the training!

These sessions have been designed to take what you’ll learn throughout the week and get you taking action towards having great photos of yourself on demand!

THE Beyond Selfies
VIP All Access Pass

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the VIP All Access Pass. That means  you'll get ongoing access to presentations and worksheets, private podcast feed, premium bonuses from our speakers, and co-working & networking sessions.

You won't want to miss it!

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The Only Retreat To Help You Visually Plan Your Next Quarter Of Self Portraits


There are a lot of retreats, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, this retreat was created specifically for coaches. This isn't general advice for any business out there. Every single presentation is specialized for the type of business you run, making it a whole lot more impactful.

Attracting high-ticket clients can be a lengthy (posting-every-day) process and you are the face of your brand. Which means you need to be showing up consistently while feeling authentic posting pictures of yourself.

There are a lot of content planning resources out there, BUT none really teach you how to take create a brand you love other than Canva tutorials. This retreat will give the tools and clarity to actually plan photos of yourself you'll actually want to create with grace and ease.

The Speakers


Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at the Beyond Selfies, Self Portrait Planning Retreat for Coaches.

Jo ChunYan
The Magic In Finding Your Unique Brand Archetype Blend

Anne Marie
How To Create a Dynamic Color Palette For Your Brand

Ashley Beaudin
How to Grow Your Capacity for Being Seen

Candice Denise
Leveraging The Power of Your Brand Photos

Erin Blackwell
You Are Your Brand: How to be bold and SHOW UP as the face of your brand!

Lisa Rigoli
Lead Gen 101: How to Effectively Nurture Your Audience During a Launch

Ashley Hogrebe
Create a Content Marketing Hub with Airtable

Courtney Freitag
Building brand consistency that's sustainable

Candis Hickman
Building A Captivating Personal Brand

Sarah Wall
Color Theory: What Your Brand Colors Tell Your Audience

Gel Galag
Content Repurposing for Coaches (The How + Best Practices)

Kristin Rappaport
How To DIY Your Brand Mood Board 

Saiyak Rakeeb
How To Let Go of Perfectionism on Social Media & Cultivate a Healthy Relationship With Technology

Kylie Hodges
Get Visible & Get Paid: Simple Strategies for Attracting Your Dream Clients Online

Joan Advent, MSW
Your Radiant Presence: Embody Grace and Create Magnetic Content for your Business

Gabriella Layne
The Busy Bee Coach's Guide to Creating a Sustainable DIY Social Media Strategy

Melanie Lea
How To Use Self-Portraits To Stand Out And Supercharge Your Marketing

Trish Taylor
How to Batch On-Brand Photos to Attract Soulmate Clients Online

Lisandra Vazquez
Conscious Content Creation Strategy: Making Authentic Content That Converts

Lucia Doynel
5 Steps to Creating High Quality Photos of Yourself

Loran Wilson
Positioned For Profit

Deepshikha Sairam
Strategies for Showing up on Your Content According to Your Human Design

Amber Rose Thomas
How to Expand Your Organic Reach and Visibility with Ads

As you can see by that incredible lineup, you are *not* going to want to miss this event.




✓ Start attracting your ideal clients with on-brand photos of yourself.

✓ Start feeling confident in front of the camera

✓ Start allowing yourself to be seen in a way that feels authentic to you.

✓ And finally simplify your content planning by mapping out your next quarter of photos.




Get Your Free Ticket

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