Confidence To Sell with Sandra Van Der Lee

Season #2

On this episode, I am interviewing expert Sandra Van Der Lee. Sandra is the brains and the badass behind Damn Copy, where she writes conversion copy for biz owners and sells templates so you can get great copy without the custom price tag.

I actually purchased a few of Sandra's sales emails templates and loved it so much. And after you attract someone into your world, keeping in touch, nurturing your community and then selling your offers all goes hand in hand with copywriting.

When I made the decision to create a mastermind I knew I wanted to have her conversion copywriting brain on it.

So I hired her to write the Ready To Be Seen mastermind sales page and emails.


If you are trying to sell a new offer or relaunch something that you already have, go ahead and checkout her template shop here.


This way you don't have to start from scratch or stare into a blank page and procrastinate. It's so easy to get momentum.


The mastermind launch went so graceful and I even presold a few spots before the launch because of having these sales copy and page in place.

In this interview, Sandra talks about the behind the scenes of writing my launch sales page and emails and sooo much more!


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