Why I started using spiritual psychology tools to create content

Season #1

On today's episode, I want to tell you a little bit today about why I started using spiritual psychology tools to create content.

It wasn’t just because it allowed me to feel more confident, finally get in front of the camera, or actually start promoting my business.

  • Next week I’ll be opening the doors to the Ready To Be Seen Mastermind + I am hosting an open house for you to learn all about it. In it, you’ll learn how it can ​​help you confidently create photos and videos… and feel good doing it!. 
  • Join the Ready To Be Seen Mastermind Open House Friday June 10th. 10 am > https://www.selfportraitconfidence.com/mastermind-openhouse 

It’s really important to me to get this information and tools to as many people as possible and help others overcome what I experienced  - which is why I’m hosting this no-cost open house next week! 


I’ll see you there, and feel free to share with anyone you think would benefit from this training as well :)

Dm me on Instagram > https://instagram.com/thelucias




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