Trailer: From awkward to confident to be seen

Season #1

Feeling confident being seen has always been… an inner struggle. I wish I could tell you that somehow one day I will not be doing the work that keeps me showing up. It didn’t come naturally to me.

Growing up… I felt so much judgment for buying into the misbelief that I wasn’t skinny enough, that feeling comfortable in my own skin was something I would have never imagined I would feel now.

I’ve always been curious and searching which led me to study personal development and Spiritual Psychology.

When I started my photography business it was so easy to hide behind the camera. It was so safe for me to support others, but because I walked my talk the more I did the inner work the more aware I became about how I was avoiding being seen. It was truly affecting my business. BEcause there's so much trust that comes from sharing ourselves with new people. Especially when you are trying to build a loving community.

Now I'm convinced that if … we truly want to show up and let ourselves be seen, as the face of our brands, we need to heal and let go of the fears the judgements and the behaviors that make us feel like we are not worthy of that.

In my work as a coach and photographer I help people feel safe to be seen before they even stepped in front of the camera and I saw how this was the missing piece.

My goal for this podcast is… for you to understand what being seen as a business owner is, how it affects your business and yourself, why you may be feeling awkward or not showing yourself fully and how to fix it.

As a listener you’ll discover tools and inspiration to show up as the face of your brand with confidence … We’ll have mostly solo episodes released weekly and then some interviews with other coaches who have been able to overcome their fears of being seen and increased their visibility.

Doing the inner work will… support you in moving the needle. If you hear an exercise or a prompt, journal about it. Use it to your advantage, upliftment and growth.

If you are thinking “ I wish i felt more comfortable being the face of my brand, doing photoshoots doing videos, “sigh” someday”

If you’ve had a few photoshoots, and you always feel so uncomfortable being on camera, or seeing yourself through that lens, and you know it’s not about the photoshoot…
…If you have a slight hint, an inkling that this is what has been keeping you from achieving your visibility goals as a business owner, this is a sign that this podcast and this type of work is for you.

then this is the best time to listen to this podcast now.

I want you to think about What do you want? You clicked on this podcast title, what drew you to it?

Maybe it’s to overcome your fear of being seen, maybe it’s to grow your business, to feel confident in your own skin, to find out what’s keeping you from showing up the way you want to.

Whatever it is, I see that for you.

And I recommend you share that with other people, maybe another biz buddy or a friend or your partner. It’s so much easier to achieve our goals when we voice them out loud. OR you can share it on your stories, take a screenshot of this episode and tag me @thelucias.

We all have 2 inner dialogues as we shift our mindset and grow, one is our inner critic, which you are probably familiar with. The inner voice that judges everything and is not positive at all it’s usually quite loud. And then there’s you authentic self, filled with wisdom, unconditional loving and caring for you.

I want you to choose your authentic self.

Along the way your inner critic my try to sabotage your journey to being seen but I want you to pay attention and choose your authentic self voice instead. Sometimes it's just a whisper so it's important to listen carefully .


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