Debunking Common Myths Everyone Believes about Self Portraits

self portrait Sep 01, 2020

I dare you to google “Victoria Beckham smiling”. I bet you won’t find 1 photo.

Even Posh Spice, if asked, would tell you she always felt uncomfortable. She has 1 or 2 poses down to a T and you’ll never see her go outside of those go-to looks for the paparazzi.

Let me explain.

I see so many humans making crazy assumptions of what it takes to take a good photo of themselves.

Today I just want to clear up some of the biggest myths and misunderstandings that people unfortunately believe when it comes to self portraits!

Get ready to let go of some old beliefs that are keeping you small and from showing up and letting yourself be seen confidently.

Myth #1: You can’t take high quality photos with your cell phone.

Having a professional camera is merely a tool. Taking a good self portrait actually depends on your composition, how well you understand lighting, posing, styling, editing. Phones today have cameras that are incredibly high quality.

It’s like writing. You can write with a pencil, a typewriter, a computer, but how good the story is has nothing to do with it.

This self portrait taken by one of my students was taken with an iphone.

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Myth #2: Only people that look like Victoria Secret models can take good self portraits.

Don’t get me wrong. The media and the patriarchy may have you fooled that you need to be a certain size, a certain height, and a size Zero in order to look good on camera.

No matter what your size of skinny jeans is, the only difference between these women and you is that they have trained for YEARS on posing, learning what they like the most about themselves and what they like to conceal.

Their job actually IS to look good on camera. They spent a lot of time perfecting their craft. AND you can too.

Myth #3: You need Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe before you can even think about doing Self Portrait shoots.

When you produce your own photoshoots, and you learn how to style them, it’s easier than ever to see what’s in your closet and how it can get repurposed for your photoshoot.  Capsule wardrobes for photoshoots is a thing, and I’ll be so glad to have learned that.

It really drives me crazy that so many people believe these myths and then let that stop them from taking self portraits.

Are you being held back by one of these beliefs too?

I am so glad we cleared that out so you can enjoy your self portrait journey to the fullest.

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